Books written by Edward W. Said

Covering Islam

Vintage | April 25, 1997 | 200 pages
The author of Culture and Imperialism evaluates the American media's coverage of news stories about Islam and shows how misconceptions about the religion and about the Middle East have been promoted. Reprint.  More Info

From Oslo to Iraq and the road map

Vintage | August 9, 2005 | 352 pages
A collection of essays by the late journalist on the Middle East, published between 2000 and 2003, includes pieces on Clinton's negotiations on the "Law of Return" for Palestinians, the Bush administration's ill-advised allegiances to the Christian right and oil companies, and the writer's... More Info

The End of the Peace Process

Vintage | May 8, 2001 | 432 pages
Fifty essays examine the consequences of the Middle East peace process, discussing how stability in the occupied territories is undermined by the expansion of Israeli settlements and Arafat's repressive leadership.  More Info

The question of Palestine

Vintage | April 7, 1992 | 273 pages
Argues for the existence of Palestine, examining the efforts of the Palestine Liberation Organization to focus attention on the turmoil that has beset their country since the Six-Day War, and adds a new preface and epilogue on the intifada and other recent developments  More Info

Edward Said

University of Chicago Press Journals | April 1, 2005 | 171 pages
In Edward Said: Continuing the Conversation, Edward Said's long-time friends and collaborators continue their dialogue with Said where they had left off following his death in the fall of 2003. The essays, imagining and recalling the cadences of Said's conversation, take various forms, including... More Info

Peace and its discontents

Vintage | April 25, 1996 | 188 pages
Essays by the Palestinian American political analyist examine the challenges to Palestine and Israel in the Middle East peace process  More Info

The politics of dispossession

Vintage Books | April 25, 1995 | 512 pages
Looks at the history of the Palestinian quest for self-determination and discusses the current situation  More Info

Representations of the intellectual

Vintage | April 25, 1996 | 121 pages
Six lectures discuss what it means to be an intellectual and the role of intellectuals in society  More Info

Out of place

Vintage | September 12, 2000 | 336 pages
The respected scholar and cultural critic describes growning up in Palestine, Egypt, and Lebanon and the family and diverse cultural factors that shaped his life. By the author of Orientalism and Peace and Its Discontents. Winner of the New Yorker Prize for Nonfiction. Reprint. 25,000 first... More Info

On Late Style

Vintage | April 10, 2007 | 208 pages
A collection of essays by the late cultural critic explores great works of music and literature produced by Beethoven, Schoenberg, Mann, Cavafy, Beckett, Gould, Straus, Genet, and others at the end of their creative lives, analyzing how these works differed from previous ones and what they reveal... More Info

The Edward Said Reader

Vintage | September 12, 2000 | 472 pages
A provocative collection of essays and excerpts by the literary and cultural critic includes selections from his memoir, Out of Place, as well as his thoughts on politics, history, literature, music, and cultural studies, ranging from a 1966 analysis of Joseph Conrad to observations on Zionism and... More Info