Books written by Eduardo H. Galeano

The book of embraces

W W Norton & Co Inc | August 18, 1992 | 281 pages
The author shares brief anecdotes about life in South America, memories of incidents from his own past, and meditations on reading, literature, and freedom  More Info

Days and Nights of Love and War

August 18, 1983 | 178 pages
"Days and Nights of Love and War is the personal testimony of one of Latin America's foremost contemporary writers. In this journal and history, Eduardo Galeano records the lives and struggles of the Latin American people, under two decades of violence and repression. Alternating between reportage... More Info

Faces and Masks

W W Norton & Company Incorporated | June 1, 1998 | 290 pages
The second volume in the author's imaginative trilogy looks at the history of Latin America during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, touching on the contributions of pirates, explorers, clergy, and monarchs.  More Info


W W Norton & Company Incorporated | June 1, 1998 | 306 pages
From pre-Columbian creation myths and the first European voyages of discovery and conquest to modern times, Galeano's "Memory of Fire" trilogy offers an outstanding Latin-American eye view of the makings of the New World, presenting "nothing less than a unified history of the Western Hemisphere . .... More Info

Open veins of Latin America

Monthly Review Pr | August 18, 1997 | 317 pages
[In this book, the author's] analysis of the effects and causes of capitalist underdevelopment in Latin America present [an] account of... Latin American history. [The author] shows how foreign companies reaped huge profits through their operations in Latin America. He explains the politics of the... More Info