Books written by DK Publishing

Lego Ninjago Visual Dictionary

DK Publishing (Dorling Kindersley) | September 9, 2014 | 96 pages
Presents strikingly photographed facts about the heroes, enemies, weapons and vehicles of the LEGO Ninjago universe, sharing behind-the-scenes information about the creation and stories of every minifigure and set, in a reference complemented by a limited-edition minifigure.  More Info

How to Be a Genius

Dk Pub | August 19, 2013 | 192 pages
Kids will learn how the brain works and how it makes them the people they are in this challenging, informative, and practical look at the different functions, areas, and states of the brain; at each stage, there are cool games, quizzes, puzzles, brain teasers, and more.  More Info

It Can't Be True!

Dk Pub | September 16, 2013 | 192 pages
The moon is the same size as Australia. A blue whale's heart is as large as a car. It sounds weird, but it's true! It Can't Be True! wows the reader with impressive facts about the world that are all difficult to believe, but true. From animals and the human body to buildings and outer space, this... More Info

Wonders of the Natural World

DK Publishing (Dorling Kindersley) | September 17, 2007 | 64 pages
An incredible tour of the most impressive sights nature has to offer provides an in-depth look at the geography, climate, and colorful creatures from ten natural wonders of the world.  More Info

The Gluten-Free Cookbook

DK Publishing (Dorling Kindersley) | May 21, 2012 | 352 pages
For anyone who suffers from celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, The Gluten-Free Cookbook proves that eating can still be one of life's great pleasures, even when you have to cut out wheat. Offering more than 220 delicious and carefully-tested recipes for healthier and tastier breakfasts, lunches,... More Info

Gardening Step by Step

Dk Pub | February 21, 2011 | 400 pages
Provides tips and advice for creating container gardens, garden beds, and pruning as well as information regarding vegetable, herb, and flower gardens.  More Info