Books written by Caitlin Moran

How To Be Famous

HarperAvenue | July 3, 2018 | 352 pages
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HarperAvenue | November 29, 2016 | 256 pages
‘I’ve lived through ten iOS upgrades on my Mac—and that’s just something I use to muck about on Twitter. Surely capitalism is due an upgrade or two?’ When Caitlin Moran sat down to choose her favourite pieces for her new book she realised that they all seemed to join up. Turns out, it’s... More Info

How to Build a Girl

September 23, 2014 | 336 pages
"A hilarious yet deeply moving coming-of-age novel from New York Times-bestselling author Caitlin Moran, the U.K.'s answer to Tina Fey, Chelsea Handler, and Lena Dunham all rolled into one." (Marie Claire) What do you do in your teenage years when you realize what your parents taught you wasn't... More Info

Are Men Obsolete?

February 7, 2014 | 104 pages
For the first time in history, will it be better to be a woman than a man in the upcoming century? The twelfth semi-annual Munk Debate pits renowned author and editorHanna Rosin and Pulitzer Prize–winning columnist Maureen Dowd against New York Times–bestselling author Caitlin Moran and... More Info

How to Be a Woman

Harper Perennial | July 17, 2012 | 320 pages
Though they have the vote and the Pill and haven't been burned as witches since 1727, life isn't exactly a stroll down the catwalk for modern women. They are beset by uncertainties and questions: Why are they supposed to get Brazilians? Why do bras hurt? Why the incessant talk about babies? And do... More Info