2017 25 May

Octopus is hiring!

Hey folks, 

Octopus is hiring!  We are looking for a new person to coordinate our course orders.  Details of the position are posted below.  If you read the statement of values here http://octopusbooks.ca/store-details and the job description and think this could be you, please send us a note outlining why you think this job suits your personality and qualifications, and a CV to octopus@octopusbooks.ca by June 5.  


Job Description

Octopus Books is a local, independent bookstore in Ottawa that has been a pillar of the progressive community since 1969. Aside from our normal operations including sales and events, Octopus Books also coordinates book and course pack orders from Carleton University.  Three times per year (Fall, Winter, and Spring/Summer) the Course Orders Coordinator will manage this process in its entirety while working with the rest of the customer service and sales team. We are currently seeking qualified candidates who enjoy progressive politics, fast paced work environments, and being surrounded by academic books at all times. The position requires a full time commitment of 40 hours per week, for several months, and then becomes more flexible at 20 – 30 hours/ week outside the peak course time. The job is physically demanding because we must store books upstairs, and carry them downstairs.  If you have back or leg pain, this is probably not the job for you. We offer pay of $15/hr, plus benefits. The successful candidate will also be fully trained (paid) by the outgoing Course Orders Coordinator. The successful candidate will be required to fulfill a number of tasks, including, but not limited to:

  • Receiving, processing, ordering, and stocking course orders
  • Processing and shipping returns
  • Maintaining adequate stock levels
  • Communicating with professors regarding order status and stock levels
  • Maintaining complete and accurate records
  • Keeping a clean and organized work space
  • Stocking and labeling stock reserves shelves
  • Managing updates on the Octopus Books website and assuring accuracy
  • Receiving, processing, and shipping online course order purchases
  • Communicating with customer service and sales co-workers
  • Advertising and soliciting course orders from university professors
  • Assisting others at the store during the off-season with event planning, organizing, sales, etc.
  • Performing front line customer service and sales
  • Attending weekly team meetings

Further, the ideal candidate will likely possess a number of attributes, including, but not limited to:

  • Very high attention to detail
  • Experience within customer service and sales settings
  • Very developed oral and written communication skills
  • Very developed organizational skills
  • Problem solving skills applied in a fast-paced environment
  • Ability to lift heavy items (30+ lbs.) and to carry them up and down a steep staircase
  • Ability to climb up and down stairs dozens of times each day
  • Some experience with postsecondary education
  • Some knowledge of academic books and/or publishing
  • Some knowledge of POS systems (especially Bookmanager)
  • Experience working in a bookstore

Please send us a note outlining why you think this job suits your personality and qualifications, and a CV to octopus@octopusbooks.ca by June 5. 

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