2012 14 Oct

Hope and empowered action - together at last at Octopus Books

Forgive us if we sound a little hopeful these days.

Octopus Books has had a very good fall. Sure, it’s been a little crazy in the busyness department, what with the return of the school year for university students and an ongoing cascade of awesome book launches and lunch-time talks that are busting all our previous attendance levels!

No rest for the weary…we’ve got an event every week over the next two months. Just when we thought we had time to catch our breath after selling a mountain of books to Carleton University students, and, for the first time, to students at the University of Ottawa as well.

How do we do it? We do it because we love it. We love bringing people together. We love building community. We love creating new partnerships and making new friends. And we take seriously our mission to open new spaces for dialogue and conversation amongst activists and progressives in Ottawa.

It’s working. All these events, all these books, all these ideas – Ottawa is showing Octopus Books a little love. So we’re gonna keep on lovin’ you, Ottawa, ‘cause it’s the only thing we wanna do.

We’d love to share some love with you, too. Come on by either store…take in an event, grab a new book, and spread a little hope and empowered action with us this fall.

If you like to bundle your hope with love and optimism, you won't want to miss the launch event for Love, Hope, Optimism in tribute to Jack Layton! This Wednesday, Oct. 17 at 7:00 PM.

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