Archived Community Events

2007 07 Aug
7:00pm - 9:00pm

Off-the-Grid Series: Basic Survival

Billings Estate Museum, 2100 Cabot StreetAn invited expert will explore basic survival skills such as fire making, navigation, building temporary shelter, finding water and food. Registration is required.

2007 06 Aug

Commemoration of Hiroshima/Nagasaki Bombing

61st Anniversary Commemoration of the bombing of Hiroshima/Nagasaki. Begins at Friends' Meeting House, 91A Fourth Avenue; speakers and songs. 8:15 pm: event moves to the pond at Rideau Canal & 3rd Ave. for the lantern floating ceremony.

2007 04 Aug
1:00pm - 5:00pm

Direct Action Training

The PGA Bloc Ottawa will host a Direct Action Training to help groupsand individuals plan and prepare for the August 20-21 SPP summit.We'll focus on scenarios and skills that may be useful for the type of

2007 25 Jul

Symmetry of Resistance July 25- From Cairo through the G8 to Montabello

ACT for the Earth presents... ========================================= SYMMETRY OF RESISTANCE ========================================= 7PM, Wednesday, July 25, 2007 @ 233 Gilmore St.

2007 25 Jul

Wobbly Wednesday: Intro to the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW)

Ottawa-Outaouais Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) is pleased to announce the début of a free workshop that could help you change your life.When: Wednesday July 25 2007 7pm Where: 5th floor of 240 Metcalfe @ Gilmour, Ottawa It is for anyone who has ever complained about their job and wishes there was something they could do about it.  Whether it's rude managers, low wages, not enough breaks, unsafe conditions or anything else, there are ways for you are you workmates to create the change that YOU want on your job. You can use the power of solidarity, of people working together, to get the respect you deserve at work. You do not have to be a member of any union to attend, and you are not obligated to join afterwards.  A delegate will be on hand to sign up anyone who does want to join. We are going to repeat this event, so if you are interested but unable to make it out, please email to receive notice of future events. For more information:

2007 20 Jul
8:00pm - 10:00pm

The Muses reading series, Fri. July 20

The Muses reading series Friday, July 20, 2007 8 - 10 pm Rasputin's, 696 Bronson Avenue Poetry: rob mclennan, Michelle Desbarats, Amanda Earl, Mike Buckthought Music: Tanya Janca, Earth*tones $7 ($5 advance) Benefit for: Imagine Ottawa & Peace and Environment News. Advance tickets are available at Arbour Environmental Shoppe, 800 Bank Street. More information : 613.567.7244 / The Muses

2007 08 Jul

Introduction to Anarchism

1:30 pm Jack Purcell Centre 320 Jack Purcell Lane For questions on this point, email The Anarchist Discussion Group will host a Workshop/Discussion entitled: Introduction to Anarchism 

2007 29 Jun

Nationwide Protests in Defence of Native Sovereignty

June 29 2007 : Turtle Island (occupied North America) -- All across "Canada," there are ongoing struggles for native sovereignty and self-determination: from Sun Peaks to Burnt Church, from Dene

2007 16 Jun
10:00am - 6:00pm

Sadie Spectacular @ Octopus Books!

Saturday, June 16, 2007 10:00am - 6:00pm Octopus Books 116 third ave Ottawa, ON   What do balloons, a little girl named Sadie and a small library in an old slave fort on the coast of Ghana have in common? Admittedly not much, except that they will all come together as part of the Sadie Spectacular at Octopus Books on Saturday, June 16th.   The Spectacular is a celebration of the first birthday of the store’s second child (well, the second child of store owner Lisa Greaves) and a kick-off for a summer book drive that will help stock the shelves of a children's library in Cape Coast, Ghana. Situated in a few cramped rooms of a former Portuguese slave fort, the Cape Coast Children's Library is a space for kids to access books. Cape Coast is a fishing town where schooling is limited by children's need to work to help support their families, as well as prohibitive fees.      The Sadie Spectacular is all about books and kids, so: - All kids' books will be 30% off from June 10-16th - All books throughout the store will be 30% off on June 14th, Sadie's birthday - On June 16th, all kids' books bought as a donation to the the Cape Coast Children’s Library will be 50% off.   There will also be a collection for contributions toward the cost of shipping the books. After the initial kick-off as part of the Sadie Spectacular, the book drive will continue throughout the summer and books can be dropped off at Octopus Books.   Please come help us support this amazing new partnership!

2007 14 Jun

A talk by the Cuban Ambassador to Canada

Ottawa-Cuba Connections Public Meeting A talk by the Cuban Ambassador to Canada Ernesto Senti Cuba's Struggle for Independence Thursday, June 14 at 8 p.m. OCC AGM at 7 p.m. Carleton University Room 2203 Dunton Tower (tallest building on campus) Parking available at MacOdum Library, P1 "200 million children in the world sleep in the streets today. Not one is Cuban!" A billboard in Havana quoting Cuban Vice-President Carlos Lage at the U.N. For further information contact Marvin at 225-6232 Ottawa-Cuba Connections

2007 14 Jun

No Olympics on Stolen Land!

================================== 7:00PM Thursday, June 14th Ottawa District Labour Council Boardroom 280 Metcalfe Street, 5th Floor Ottawa, Ontario ==================================

2007 12 Jun

Gay Anarchy in the Crucible of McCarthyism

7PM, TUESDAY, JUNE 12th Ottawa Public Library FREE!!! Talk/Book Release: Gay Anarchy in the Crucible of McCarthyism Allan Antliff will discuss the politics of being gay during the 1950s, and how anarchists created art keyed to a libertarian sensibility decidedly at odds with the puritanical comformism of that era. This event is the Ottawa book release of Allan's new title, "Anarchy and Art" (Arsenal Pulp Press, 2007).  He is also the author of "Only a Beginning: An Anarchist Anthology."  Both titles will be available at the event! Also of note, Allan holds the Canada Research Chair in Art History at the University of Victoria.  His course subjects include: “20th-Century Anarchism and Avant-Garde Art”; “New York Dada”; and “American Modernism Between the Wars”. In addition to teaching art history he is an art critic, curator, and art editor for Anarchist Studies. This event is organised by EXILE INFOSHOP and OPIRG-Carleton. For more info please contact the Infoshop: e. p. 613-237-9270 To see info on "ANARCHY and ART" visit Arsenal Pulp Press

2007 10 Jun

Anti-racism vs White Supremacy

 A talk by two local anti-racist activists. Sunday, June 10, 2007 1:30pm Jack Purcell Community Centre 320 Jack Purcell Lane off Elgin near Gilmour

2007 07 Jun

All Our Sisters: Stories of Homeless Women in Canada

Reading and Discussion with Susan Scott, author of:   All Our Sisters: Stories of Homeless Women in Canada Date: Thursday, June 7th Time: 7pmOctopus Books 116 third ave Ottawa, ON   Though they account for only a small portion of the formal homeless statistics, there are many more women living on insufficient funds, with violent partners, in unacceptable dwellings, or in other fragile circumstances that are too often overlooked. They are our mothers, our daughters, our aunts, our nieces, our wives—they are all our sisters—and they remain largely invisible compared to homeless men.

2007 05 Jun

Iran: The Next War?

With Professor Michel Chossudovsky Tuesday, June 5 at 7 p.m. Ottawa Public Library Auditorium Laurier & Metcalfe Michel Chossudovsky is the author of The Globalisation of Poverty and  the New World Order, and America's "War on Terrorism" in the Wake of 9/11. He is the Director of the Centre for Research on Gloablization/Centre de recherche sur la mondialisation

2007 23 May
7:00pm - 9:00pm

Canada-Haiti labour and women’s rights solidarity tour (two nights -Eng and Fr)

Wages in Haiti?  $2 a day Unemployment? over 60% Women suffering from sexual assault, violence and illegal detention? Thousands Did the February 2004 Canadian-backed coup-d’état change that? NO Are the people of Haiti standing up? You bet! The CANADA HAITI ACTION NETWORK presents: Canada-Haiti labour and women’s rights solidarity tour English event: May 23 - 7:00 p.m. 233 Gilmour Street (PSAC Building), Ottawa Local contact: or 613-736-5504 French event / Evènement (call-out to follow / communiquez à suivre): May 24 - 7:00 p.m. Dépanneur Sylvèstre, 9 Fortier, Gatineau Come hear from and speak with three of Haiti’s leading women’s rights and labour organizers: Loulou Chéry, leader of the Confédération des travailleurs Haïtiens Ginette Appollon, elected leader of women’s commission of the Confédération des travailleurs haïtiens Euvonie Georges-Auguste, pioneering leader of women’s rights organizing in Haiti Wage workers in Haiti earn as little as $2 (US) per day. The unemployment rate is 60% to 70%. Women struggle on the edge of survival to find work, feed families, and send children to school or scramble for health care when emergencies arise. The 2004 foreign invasion and coup against the elected government of President Aristide was a huge setback to workers rights and womens rights. Minimum wage rates were slashed, schools and health care facilities were closed, and legal and extra-legal violence has risen sharply, including that which targets women. Canada took part in the invasion and coup, and since then it continues to fund institutions and agencies that do nothing to improve the lives of ordinary Haitians. Activists throughout Haiti have been risking their freedom and lives throughout Haiti’s history. Today, union leaders and activists face repression and even imprisonment for their work. The Canadian government has played a key role in supporting the enforcement of this repression. Canada Haiti Action Network is pleased to present this rare opportunity to hear from these three key activists on their experiences and knowledge of organizing in Haiti. Extra information: 1.    Who is the Canada Haiti Action Network? 2.     Current conditions in Haiti 3.     Tour dates and endorsers 4.     Biographies of featured speakers 1. Canada Haiti Action Network Over the past three years, a solidarity movement with the Haitian people has emerged in over a dozen Canadian cities. The genesis of this movement was widespread opposition to the Government of Canada's direct role in the coup d'état of February 2004 that overthrew Haiti's elected government, including its President, Jean-Bertrand Aristide. In early 2005, the Canada Haiti Action Network (CHAN) was formed and it has received significant support from many trade unions and anti-war groups. A November 2005 Week of Action organized by CHAN to draw attention to the human rights crisis in Haiti drew endorsements from over twenty organizations, including the Canadian Labour Congress, the Canadian Peace Alliance, and the Ottawa and District Labour Council. CHAN-linked groups and activists have worked very hard over this time to highlight the human rights crisis that so many of Haiti's activists and social movement leaders have been facing. Though often blocked from the mainstream media, the details of this crisis have been extensively reported by independent human rights organizations such as Amnesty International, the U.S.-based National Lawyers Guild, the Harvard University Human Rights Program, the University of Miami Human Rights Centre, and others. 2. Current Conditions in Haiti Following the inauguration in May 2006 of the government elected in February 2006, the human rights situation in Haiti improved modestly. Some of Haiti's popular leaders were able to return from exile. Some of Haiti's political prisoners were released from jail, and newly elected president Réné Préval received offers of stepped up economic and social aid from Venezuela, Cuba and other countries. However, Haiti remains militarily occupied by some 8,000 United Nations-sponsored foreign military forces. Money and political advisors from the "big three" countries that invaded in February/March 2004-Canada, the U.S. and France-continue to play a central role in the political life of the country.  And in recent weeks, UN forces have once again launched armed assaults on poor neighbourhoods in the capital city Port au Prince where opposition to the coup and the foreign occupation remains strong. The foreign forces have not provided the protection for the population that they promised. A report in a September 2006 issue of the prestigious British medical journal The Lancet concluded that in the two-year period following the coup, there were some 4,000 political killings and several tens of thousands of sexual assaults against women, the vast majority of which were attributed to paramilitary death squads and the foreign-funded and trained Haitian National Police. 3. The Tour Tour dates: May 21 to June 5 Thematic Focus:  Haiti's Labour and Women's Movements Featured Speakers: Paul "Loulou" Chéry, Ginette Apollon, Euvonie Georges-Auguste 4. Biography of Featured Speakers: Paul "Loulou" Chéry - The leader of Haiti's largest trade union, the Confédération des Travailleurs Haitiens (CTH), Loulou faced repeated threats and persecution following the February 2004 coup d'état.  He has also faced persecution by the Haitian National Police.  Nonetheless, he and his colleagues continue to rebuild the CTH, which recently became the Canadian Labour Congress' only "Haitian cousin" when the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) was formed in November 2006.  Loulou was also part of a social movement delegation to the World Social Forum in Caracas, Venezuela in January 2006.  To read an interview with Loulou, check out: Ginette Apollon - Ginette is the elected leader of the Women's Commission of the Confédération des Travailleurs Haitiens (CTH) trade union.  Following the February 2004 coup d'état in Haiti, Ginette became an important international spokesperson within the women's section of Haiti's labour movement, traveling to the Philippines, Venezuela, and Canada.  For this, she was also subjected to persecution and arbitrary detention at the hands of the Haitian National Police.  (For a description of one particular episode, see:  Ginette was also a speaker for the CTH at the World Social Forum in Caracas, Venezuela in January 2006. Euvonie Georges-Auguste - A pioneering leader of Haiti's women's movement, Euvonie Georges-Auguste was forced into exile following the February 2004 coup d'état. Prior to that time, Euvonie worked to build women's social networks at the same time that she established an important program providing literacy education to Haiti's poor, who are largely excluded from the formal education system. Euvonie also spoke at the 2006 World Social Forum in Caracas. Following the return to constitutional government in 2006, Euvonie was able to return to Haiti and attempt to rebuild. Tour contact: Kevin Skerrett Ottawa Haiti Solidarity/Kozayiti; CHAN (613) 864-1590                                  

2007 16 May
2:00pm - 4:00pm

The Partner Project - Catholic Immigration Centre (CIC)

The Partner Project - Catholic Immigration Centre (CIC) at Cafe Supreme 270 Bank St (at Cooper) 2-4The CIC invites the city's seasoned professional to attend an orientation session on becoming a mentor to job-seeking skilled immigrants, or simply register now to attend an easy and simple networking event to meet potential "mentees".  The Partner Project aims to introduce foreign trained newcomers to experienced members of the community who are willing and able to assist them in seeking out employment, licensing, upgrading or information regarding their fields.

2007 14 May

Octopus Presents: Linda McQuaig reading from "Holding the Bully's Coat: Canada and the U.S. Empire"

Monday May 14, 7:00 p.m. Glebe Community Centre  175 Third Avenue (corner of Third Avenue and Lyon Street South). This event is free and accessible.   Octopus is delighted to present Linda McQuaig reading from, and discussing her latest book:

2007 13 May

Propaganda: Short talk and discussion

Sunday, May 13, 2007 1h30pm Jack Purcell Community Centre 320 Jack Purcell Lane, (just off Elgin St near the corner of Gilmour St). Ottawa, Canada The talk will focus on the theory of propaganda developed by French anarchist Jacques Ellul. The talk will begin will an explanation of key concepts focusing on the idea of propaganda itself, which can be broken down in a few different ways. The main focus will be on state and corporate propaganda versus agitprop, etc. Examples of modern propaganda campaigns will be used to highlight key points. The talk will conclude with a brief note on the prospects of real anarchist propaganda.

2007 13 May
10:00am - 1:00pm

Rideau River Cleanup - this Sunday

THIS SUNDAY MAY 13: MOTHER'S DAY CLEANUP OF RIDEAU RIVER! From plastic bottles to old tires, there is a lot of garbage on the shores of our Rideau River.  It doesn't just look ugly - it breaks down and leaches into our water.  This Sunday, come volunteer for the 7th annual cleanup of the Rideau River shoreline.  Trust me, it will be fun! Sunday May 13 (Mother's Day) 10-1:00.  Rain or shine! There will be three cleanup locations, come to the one most convenient: 1. New Edinburgh Park (Field House, 193 Stanley Ave.) 2. Rideau Tennis Club (1 Donald St.) 3. Ottawa Tennis and Lawn Bowling Club (176 Cameron Ave., next to Brewer Park) Garbage bags, recycle bins, refreshments, and some gloves will be provided for you thanks to generous donors in the community.  Wear clothes you don't mind getting dirty, bring work gloves if you have any, and bring a camera so you can remember the day! Questions?  Contact Catherine Canning of the Urban Rideau Conservationists at or visit

2007 11 May

Uruguayan Folk Singer Daniel Viglietti

Daniel Viglietti Direct from Uruguay A legend of the Latin American popular New Song movement of the 1960s and 1970s In Concert Friday, May 11 7 p.m. Perez Hall Room 121

2007 10 May
2:00pm - 4:00pm

Rendezvous 50plus

First Networking Rendezvous Networking Cafe - Catholic Immigration Centre (CIC) Cafe Supreme 270 Bank St (at Cooper) 2-4pm - The Coffee is on us! Please call 613-240-7992 or email to register   Volunteer Canada and Rendezvous 50plus will host the first-ever Rendezvous Cafe series with inspiring opportunities to help our children and youth.  The public is welcome to register for this informal event.  You can meet representatives from Sage Youth, Big Brothers Big Sisters Ottawa, Camp Quality of Eastern Ontario, Andrew Fleck Ontario Early Years Centre, Children at Risk Ottawa, and Roger's House.  This is a unique and easy opportunity to learn, network and discuss with current volunteers about how you can utilize your skills to be inspired and make a real impact.     Sunday June 10th 3rd Annual Community Cup at Brewer Park Recreational, Intergenerational, Multicultural   -24 teams 7 on 7 soccer tournament - Free Kids Fun Zone and mini-world cup - Live Multicultural Entertainment featuring: DJ Fingaz, Latin Heat, Royal Ritchie Drummers, Mexican Lindo, Burmese "Chin Lone"   For more information and to register go to

2007 08 May

Confront the Security and Prosperity Partnership

JOIN THE COALITION TO CONFRONT THE SPP! (Security and Prosperity Partnership) Tuesday, May 8, 7pm 123 Simard Hall, Ottawa University Plan Ottawa/Gatineau actions for the “3 Amigos” meeting this summer.

2007 04 May

Women Resisting Poverty and Exclusion Panel

6pm, at Marriott Residence hotel on 161 Laurier Avenue, and is a pay-what-you-can with a suggested donation of $5. On Friday, May 4th, CRIAW will be holding a panel reception to mark the start of our National Forum. CRIAW's National Forum is titled "Women Resisting Poverty and Exclusion: Alternative Visions & Practices", and it will be from May 4-6, and it will be held in Marriott Residence Hotel, 161 Laurier Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario. While the forum requires pre-registration (, the Friday night event is open to public. The Friday night Opening ceremony will feature a panel of speakers speaking on the following theme: Most approaches to addressing poverty today are based on the assumptions that economic growth leads to job growth, which in turn eliminates poverty and exclusion. CRIAW, along with social justice activists around the world takes the perspective that this approach, within the current neoliberal climate actually results in increasing inequality and is not sustainable, economically and environmentally. For at least two decades, women scattered around the globe have been developing more humane and holistic solutions to overcoming experiences of poverty and exclusion. CRIAW believes that it is precisely in looking at the processes of social change emerging from what women have been doing for years in facing multiple forms of oppression that novel and innovative alternatives can be shared, developed and strengthened. This panel will focus on the visioning. The speakers will allow themselves to envision a different world and speak to how this world would allow ALL women to live in dignity and in harmony with their environments, both their natural environment and their societal environments. Speakers: Jo-Anne Lee, Associate Professor of Women's Studies at the University of Victoria Mercedes Canas, Eco-Feminist from El-Salvador Emily Monnet, Indigenous Youth Activist and Artist This event starts at 6pm, at Marriott Residence hotel on 161 Laurier Avenue, and is a pay-what-you-can with a suggested donation of $5. 'The moment of change is the only poem'--Adrienne Rich

2007 04 May

Forum: "Women Resisting Poverty and Exclusion: Alternative Visions & Practices"

May 4-6 2007 Ottawa, Ontario, Marriott Residence Hotel, 161 Laurier Avenue Hosted by the Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women (CRIAW) About the Forum