Archived Community Events

2007 25 Jan

Close Guantánamo!

Join the Ottawa Day of Action January 25th , 2007On January 11th , 2007 , it will be five years since the first detainees were transferred to the US Naval Base in Guantanamo Bay , Cuba . More than 400 remain there today in legal limbo.This January, Amnesty International and human rights activists around the world will demand that the U.S. government respect human rights - and close Guantánamo.Join us!

2007 23 Jan

Susan Walsh to talk on Terminator Seeds

Terminator/Genocide seeds: Report from Curitiba, Brazil, where the International Community managed to call a temporary halt to their progress & dissemination last year. This was in opposition to the policy of USA ,Canada, Australia & New Zealand & of course Monsanto where it was planned to sell pesticides and fertilizers to accompany them. This did not reach our Press.

2007 23 Jan
6:00pm - 8:00pm

Ottawa Launch: "Canada's Deadly Secret" by Dr. Jim Harding

Ottawa Library Public Auditorium 120 Metcalfe St, Ottawa, Ontario Please join us for a talk and signing by Dr. Jim Harding, author of "Canada's Deadly Secret: Saskatchewan Uranium and the Global Nuclear System."

2007 19 Jan

Food Fight: Anarchist Movies inc "Grilled Cheese Sandwich"

The Ontario Public Interest Research Group (OPIRG-Carleton) Presents...Food Fight: Anarchist Moviesby Jonathan CulpSatan MacNuggit Popular ArtsJonathan will be available for Q&A after the films.

2007 18 Jan
6:00pm - 7:30pm

Civil Liberties and Security: Finding the Balance: A Moslem Point of View

The Second in a Series of Presentations on Civil Liberties in a Climate of Increasing Security ConcernsDr. Aisha SheraziBiologist, WriterFormer Principal, Abraar Islamic School

2007 16 Jan

*Divergence Movie Night presents Tongues Untied*

 "Using poetry, personal testimony, rap and performance, Tongues Untied

2007 11 Jan

Lessons From A 7 ft. Penis

Hilarious! Provocative! Useful!From one of Canada's funniest sex advocates,Norman Nawrockiperforms at Carleton UniversityThursday, January 11, 20078 pmThe Commons Grill (Res Commons)

2007 08 Jan

NOWAR-PAIX Assembly for all Individuals and Groups Against Canada`s Role in the War in Afghanistan

LET'S WORK TOGETHER TO PLAN HOW TO BRING THE TROOPS HOME FROM AFGHANISTAN IN 2007.How best can we apply effective pressure to bring the troops home, to counter the propoganda from Harper's government, imbedded journalists, and media supporters of the war? Let's assemble together to strategize and see how we can work together to create a sum that is greater than its parts!

2007 05 Jan
12:00pm - 1:00pm

Stop Israel's Wars Boycott Chapters / Indigo

1PM, SATURDAY, January 5, 2007 At the Chapters at Rideau and SussexAs the Israeli Occupation passes its 40th year with continuing brutality and theunflinching support of the Canadian government, it's integral for all Canadians whobelieve in justice and peace in the Middle East to take a stand. The boycottcampaign against Chapters has picked up steam across Canada and has become a regularevent in many cities. NION (Not in Our Name - Jews Opposed to Israel's Wars) hopesto make this a regular event in Ottawa as well – holding a two-hour boycott everyother Saturday outside the Chapters/Indigo on Rideau.

2006 11 Dec

Justice for Mohamed Harkat Committee Meeting

END THE SECURITY CERTIFICATE! END SECRET TRIALS! In order to further organize and develop the Campaign Justice for Mohamed Harkat, The Justice for Mohamed Harkat Committee will meet:

2006 10 Dec

National Rally and March for women's rights - Ottawa

Join the Campaign for Women's Equality and Human Rights in Canada1:30 PM Sunday, December 10, 2006 Supreme Court of Canada 310 Wellington Street, Ottawa The City for All Women Initiative (CAWI) is one of many organizations across the country who receives funding from Status of Women to promote gender equality. The recent announcement by the federal government to reduce funding and change the funding priorities is a serious concern for women. See the information and call to action below. Contact your MP to let them know you want this decision reversed. National Rally and March for women's rights, for equality for access to government and courts

2006 09 Dec

Concert for Six Nations

In recognition of the rights of the people of Six Nations of the Grand River, as International Human Rights Day approaches, Ottawa’s Cross-Cultural Sound Exchange invites the people of Ottawa to a benefit concert, a night of music and culture at ODAWA Native Friendship Centre (corner of Scott Rd & Stirling Ave) December 9th at 7 pm in support of the people of Six Nations. Celebrate culture and music with Tito Medina (Guatemala), Kevin Dooley (Ireland), Elage & friends (Cameroon), and others. Crafts and food by indigenous people from around the world willbe available for purchase with portions of profits to the Six Nations people. Entry fee is $10 or pay what you can.

2006 07 Dec

Octopus Book Launch - Two Aspirins and a Comedy: How Television Can Enhance Health and Society

Please join us for the Ottawa launch with author Metta Spencer Thursday December 7th, 7:00pm Octopus Books 116 Third Ave *refreshments will be served* Can television become a positive force in society? Can socially conscious entertainment change the world?

2006 06 Dec

Ottawa Haiti Solidarity meeting

The Ottawa Haiti Solidarity Committee/Kozayiti continues to work! The next meeting is set for this Wednesday, December 6, at 7:00pm, at the usual location: CUPE Boardroom, 21 James St. (entrance at back) Proposed Agenda: 1) Welcome/introductions 2) Acknowledgement of Dec. 6 as anniversary of the Polytechnique Massacre 3) Benefit Concert/Art Show/CD Launch in February (Marcie) 4) Plans for CHAN Speaking Tour with Delegation from Haiti - report on discussion from CPA Convention - logistics associated with upcoming tour - building for tour, what can be done between now and then 5) Brief report on struggle in Oaxaca Mexico, and birth of Oaxaca Solidarity Ottawa; other developments in Latin America; 6) NGO Watch Update 7) Financial report 8) Website report All are welcome! Bienvenue à tous!

2006 06 Dec

Vigil to honour women victims of male violence

On Wednesday, December 6th at 6pm there will be a vigil to honour and grieve all women who have died as a result of male violence. This event is for women and children to greive in solidarity and will

2006 01 Dec

World AIDS Day Demonstration - Ottawa

HARPER’S SILENCE = DEATH At the international AIDS Conference last August, the Harper Government first scheduled, and then at the last minute postponed, a major announcement on Canada’s commitment to international and national AIDS programs. Four months later we are still waiting. In the meantime thousands of people around the world have died from lack of treatment and thousands more have been infected.

2006 30 Nov

Octopus Book Launch: Missile Defence Round One

Please join Octopus books for the launch of the important and timely new book
Missile Defence: Round
- with
author Steven Staples
Octopus Books
116 Third Ave
(Bank & 3rd, in the Glebe)

2006 23 Nov

Buy Nothing Day - Friday November 24th 2006

Buy Nothing Day celebrations at Octopus Books are quiet to say the least - we close the store. Buy Nothing Day is held each year on the first day after American Thanksgiving, the day that has traditionally been known as the busiest shopping day of the year in the United States. The campaign was started by Adbusters in 1992 and questions the rampant consumerism associated with the Christmas shopping frenzy. It is an exercise of consumer awareness that asks shoppers to think about what they buy, from whom and how they often spend without thinking about the implications.

2006 23 Nov

Indigenous Peoples of Colombia: Lives Under Threat

Inter Pares and Amnesty International Invite You to Hear Lisardo Domico National Indigenous Organization of Colombia - ONIC and Emmanuel Raison Project Counselling Service - PCS

2006 23 Nov

Launch of the Ursula Franklin Reader in Ottawa

THE URSULA FRANKLIN READER: Pacifism as a MapCome out and celebrate the woman who has inspired so many, and the launch of her new book. Readings from Ursula's new collection by Heather Menzies, Murray Thomson, and Monique Frize.

2006 23 Nov

Imperialist War, Islam and Resistance in the Middle East

Time: 7:00 p.m. Thursday, November 23 Place: Carleton University MacKenzie Building, room 4494 (MacKenzie is marked ME on the campus map) Khodor Awarki - Political writer and novelist Frequent contributor to Arabic media "A Survivor of the Lebanese Civil War" Danny Goldstick - Professor of Philosophy, Active in civil liberties, anti-poverty, and Canadian independence struggles Member of the Communist Party of Canada ------ Sponsored by the Communist Party of Canada (Ottawa)

2006 22 Nov

Take Action for the Boreal

5:30pm in front of the Westin Hotel, Ottawa As the world turns it attention to the dangers of global climate change, help put pressure on the Dalton McGuinty government to stop destruction of Ontario's global carbon storehouse: the Boreal forest. Despite numerous promises to protect one of the last stands of endangered forests left in the world, the Boreal is being destroyed at an alarming rate. McGuinty will be in Ottawa on November 22 for a big Liberal party fundraiser at the Westin Hotel. We want to be there with our Giant Caribou Candace who has been following Dalton mcGuinty around for the last month and activists who want to protect the Boreal forest because they care about Caribou and Climate Change. Though I think it is important to keep our attention on the federal government on the climate change issue, it is also important to make sure that the Ontario government does not get off free from controversy on their failure to protect the Boreal. Please join us on the 22nd at 5:30pm in front of the Westin Hotel and phone Kim 416-452-4199 to RSVP and find out more information. Dress up as a caribou or a tree and help us send Dalton McGuinty the message that environmental issues are going to follow him around during this election. *************** The Canadian Boreal forest is one of the world's largest remaining intact forest landscapes undisturbed by roads or industry. While about three quarters of the Earth's original forest cover has been lost or degraded, the Boreal in Canada is still mostly intact. It holds more freshwater than anywhere else on the planet, and plays an essential role in cleaning the air that we breathe and in fighting climate change. Yet, less that 8 percent of the Boreal forest is protected and two more acres are logged every minute of the day. The Boreal forest in Ontario is rife with controversy: aboriginal rights and title are not being honored, and woodland caribou have disappeared from half of their historic range. With no sustainable forest plan in place, entire areas are being destroyed with little recognition for their cultural and ecological values. ForestEthics works on a diversity of campaigns to help save the Boreal. From corporate engagement for environmental change, to working in solidarity with First Nations, ForestEthics is working to engage communities throughout Ontario, where McGuinty still has the chance to make a difference. Our Where's McGuinty campaign is a timely and effective campaign to raise Boreal issues before government, and to reveal Dalton McGuinty's failure to take action to protect the Boreal despite his promises to do so. As Ontario's Liberal party switches into preparation mode for the next general election on October 4th 2007, ForestEthics (and a caribou friend named Candace) has been greeting party members at fundraisers, meetings, and other events. Check out to see photos of Candace and company outside of the National ballet school in Toronto, where Liberals held their one-year-to-the-election campaign kickoff fundraiser. Many of those who arrived at the fundraiser took a postcard from us on their way in and told us that they would speak about this issue to McGuinty and to other party members inside. The Where's McGuinty campaign is developing into an Ontario-wide project in the countdown to the 2007 election. We are trying to demonstrate to members of the Legislature across Ontario that protecting our Northern forests is of great importance to voters all over the province and Boreal protection must be taken seriously by the McGuinty government. We are also trying to raise more awareness about the solidarity work we are doing with the Grassy Narrows First Nation who will soon see the 4th anniversary of their blockade at Slant Lake, the longest First Nations blockade in Canadian history. Thanks, Kim & Kathy Boreal Organizers Forest Ethics Please Contact Kathy or Kim ForestEthics 372A Queen West Toronto, Ontario M5V 2A3 416-597-1904 416-452-4199 Please see for more information about the campaign, or

2006 20 Nov
6:00pm - 8:00pm

We can't afford private health care! OTTAWA TOWN HALL MEETING

The Medicare Works! Keep it Public, Keep it Fair Campaign Presents: We can't afford private health care! OTTAWA TOWN HALL MEETING Monday, November 20th, 7-9pm Public Library Auditorium, 120 Metcalfe St.

2006 20 Nov

Int'l Protest against Mexican Human Rights Abuses in Oaxaca

The recently formed Oaxaca Solidarity Ottawa invites you to a rally - Monday, November 20th, 4:30pm Outside the Mexican Embassy: World Exchange Plaza, Metcalfe entrance

2006 19 Nov

War and Resistance , talk by British MP George Galloway

Public Lecture by British Member of Parliament George Galloway WHERE: Place: Alumni Theatre, Carleton University , Ottawa , Ontario, Canada WHEN: Date and time: Sunday, November 19, 2006, at 7:00PM. Ample free parking available. George Galloway is a Member of Parliament in the British House of Commons and a leading figure in the international anti-war movement. A well renowned speaker and orator, Galloway has campaigned around the world for an end to the occupations of Iraq and Palestine .