Much Madness, Divinest Sense: Women's Stories of Mental Health and Health Care Book Launch

2017 20 Apr
7:00pm - 9:00pm
Much Madness, Divinest Sense: Women's Stories of Mental Health and Health Care Book Launch

“Although there have been countless cases of women’s madness throughout history, almost no personal accounts have been formally documented. Was there no one to listen to these women, to write down their thoughts? Is it an arbitrary oversight? Or perhaps these were intentional omissions, decided upon by historians, medical practitioners, and others with specific political agendas?” For too long, women’s mental health issues have been hidden from view, their stories unheard, their voices silenced. This volume hopes to shed some light on the dark halls and windowless rooms where women’s mental health has been hidden from view. 

Much Madness, Divinest Sense is a collection of women’s writing about mental health and health care. The contributors are varied: not only physicians and other health care professionals but also indigenous women, transgender women, daughters, sisters, mothers, and grandmothers. They are the recipients, providers, and critics of mental health care. In this volume, they break the silence and speak about the messy subject of mental illness today. As with Kaplan-Myrth and Hanson’s first collection, Women Who Care: Women’s Stories of Health Care and Caring, this is a powerful collection that is as raw as it is real. 

This anthology is co-edited by two feminist health advocates and researchers, Dr. Nili Kaplan-Myrth, MD, CCFP, PhD, medical anthropologist and family physician, and Dr. Lori Hanson, PhD, Associate Professor in the Department of Community Health and Epidemiology at the University of Saskatchewan. The post-script is written by Dr. Allison Crawford, MD, FRCPC, a psychiatrist at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health and an Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto. 

Speakers include Dr. Nili Kaplan-Myrth (co-editor), Mary Anne Ruth Bain (contributor) and Dr. Jasmine Gandhi (psychiatrist)

7 PM
Thursday, April 20 2017
@25One Community
251 Bank St. 2nd floor

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