Lecture & Book Launch: The Cuban Revolution and it's relationships with Canada and the United States

2014 01 Oct
7:00pm - 9:00pm
Lecture & Book Launch: The Cuban Revolution and it's relationships with Canada and the United States

In collaboration with the Canadian Union of Postal Workers, Ottawa-Cuba Connections, the Canadian Network on Cuba and Frente para la Defensa de los Pueblos Hugo Chavez, Octopus presents a short lecture by Keith Bolender based on his latest book Cuba Under Siege, American Policy, the Revolution and Its People, followed by a commentary by and conversation with Robert Huish who will focus on Canada-Cuba relations and implications of the Cuban revolution to Canada.

Keith Bolender's book, Cuba Under Siege, examines how Cuban revolutionary society has been affected economically, culturally and politically by the development of a siege mentality in response to 50 years of hostile American policies. Using extensive first-hand interviews with Cubans ranging from average citizens to the President of the Nacional Assembly, as well as with recognized experts on the subject, the project approaches the topic of Cuba-America relations from a distinctive angle – that United States policy in its totality (not just the economic embargo) has played an instrumental role in creating contingencies for the existence of a national sense of besiegement, with the resulting civil restrictions, social limitations and economic dislocations. The work explores the concept of siege and how it has affected other societies, most notably the United States after 9/11, and compares it to the extreme conditions in Cuba for the past 50 years. The book additionally examines on the current economic reforms in Cuba and if American policy against the Revolution is changing with it, and the future of the siege. Perspective is predominantly Cuban, a view seldom heard. Anyone with an interest in Cuba-America relations, from an academic or casual perspective, will be interested in this unique treatment. 

Rough Agenda:

  • Welcome
  • Introduction from our sponsors/partners and why they support this event
  • 20 min. lecture by Keith Bolender
  • 10 min. commentary by Robert Huish who will focus on Canada-Cuba relations based on Keith's lecture
  • 15 min. conversation between Keith and Robert
  • 15-20 min. Q & A with participants
  • Closing

Copies of Keith Bolender's book, Cuba Under Siege, American Policy, the Revolution and Its People, as well as Robert Hulsh's Where No Doctor Has Gone Before: Cuba’s Place in the Global Health Landscape will be available for purchase.

Wednesday, Oct. 1 2014
Octopus Books Centretown
@25One Community
2nd Floor 251 Bank St.

Refreshments and snacks will be served.

About the Author

KEITH BOLENDER is a freelance journalist living in Toronto, Canada and has written extensively on Cuban matters for a variety of North American publications. He is author of Voices From the Other Side: An Oral History of Terrorism Against Cuba. He is also a lecturer on the Cuban Revolution at the University of Toronto School of Continuing Education and a member of the Institute for Public Accuracy (IPA), where he is on their roster of experts for Cuban Affairs.

ROBERT HUISH is an assistant professor in the Department of International Development Studies at Dalhousie University. He is the author of “Where No Doctor Has Gone Before: Cuba’s Place in the Global Health Landscape”. Dr. Huish is currently pursuing research on Cuban strategies for global health, Cuban sport & development programs, and activism & resistance. He teaches a course on the Cuban development model at the University of Havana.

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