Launch of Three Questions by Ron Benner. Internationally Known Artist, Gardener, and Activist

2016 11 Oct
7:00pm - 9:00pm
Launch of Three Questions by Ron Benner. Internationally Known Artist, Gardener, and Activist

Octopus Books is pleased to present Ron Benner: Three Questions, this London, Ontario-based artist's recent book which documents his solo exhibition curated by Julian Haladyn for the McIntosh Gallery, Western University, London, ON.

Ron Benner has been producing mixed-media photographic installations, including gardens and site-specific projects, for over three decades. His recent practice focuses on an examination of the politics of food and related topics, interrogating systems of knowledge connected to histories of farming, agriculture, plant science and the movement of plants around the globe. This book highlights key questions raised by his studio practice, research and travel.

Edited by Julian Haladyn, this book includes texts by Miriam Jordan, Dot Tuer, Tony Weis and an interview with Ron Benner and Julian Haladyn. Ron Benner: Three Questions presents recent mixed-media photographic installations, each of which relates to a specific question. 

7 PM
Tuesday, October 11 2016
Octopus Books Centretown
@25One Community
251 Bank St. 2nd floor 

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"Ron Benner has merged art with activism for more than three decades, with a praxis bent on drawing attention to the destructiveness of industrial agriculture, its colonial antecedents and the cultural amnesia that surrounds the modern agro-food system. Benner,'s art challenges people to reflect on big and urgent questions that are often ignored. Where to past injustices end and contemporary problems and inequalities begin? What forces are driving the trajectory of industrial agriculture? What are the real costs of cheap food?" - Tony Weis, author of The Ecological Hoofprint and The Global Food Economy

"... a questioning of colonialism that is embedded in the visual scaffolding of his [Ron Benner's] installations." - Dot Tuer, writer and cultural historian 

"Three Questions is an exhibit that explores native food crops found in North, South and Central America that were cultivated by Native people then taken around the world — starting with Christopher Columbus and most who followed — and how these plants influenced other cultures, economies, industry and politics."The London Free Press

About the Artist

Ron Benner is an internationally known artist, gardener, and activist based in London, Ontario.  Drawing on extensive travels and polymath learning, his unique multimedia gardening art practice is notably dedicated to the ecology and political economy of travelling plants, food, farming, and industrial agriculture on local and global scales. His installations and concerns are explored in his recent book, 3 Questions (McIntosh Gallery, 2016) and Gardens of a Colonial Present (Museum London 2008). His works are in public collections including the National Gallery of Canada, the Art Gallery of Ontario, the University of Toronto, the University of Western Ontario, the Museum London, the Canada Council Art Bank, and the Casa de Las Americas in Havana, Cuba.

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