Depressed Economies: Transgender Un/deremployment

2016 16 Nov

Drawing from his qualitative research project on un/deremployment among trans* identified individuals, Irving will present the major issues that many trans* people face when trying to obtain and maintain work. Featuring excerpts from research interviews, Irving demonstrates the ways that trans* experiences urge labour activists to reflect on the significance of affective, or emotional labour in all sectors of post-industrial capitalism. The personal experiences of trans* people reveal the ways that gender normativity, mediated by whiteness, influence who is recognized as employable within a service relation based economy geared to create positive feeling states among clients and customers. The often unspoken and unspeakable feelings that particular bodies are worth-less on the labour market results in excluding particular trans* people from employment while marginalized others within the workplace. This exclusion has a debilitating emotional impact on trans* people and communities.

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7:00 pm
Wednesday, November 16 2016
Bronson Community Centre, 211 Bronson Avenue Room 103

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