Book Launch Q&A - Toward Equity and Inclusion in Canadian Cities

2018 18 Jun
4:30pm - 6:00pm
Book Launch Q&A - Toward Equity and Inclusion in Canadian Cities

Dr. Doaa Saddek, senior evaluator at the Federal Government and Chair of the Professional Learning Committee at the Canadian Evaluation Society, will interview the editors Fran Klodawsky, Janet Siltanen, and Caroline Andrew in a “talk show” format.

Light refreshments will be served.
Octopus Books will be on hand with copies for purchase. 

A description of the book given by McGill-Queen’s University Press, “Explorations of how research collaborations can address and advance social justice in cities. Housing insecurity, intensified employment anxiety, access to adequate services, and fear of personal and structural violence are some of the issues troubling today’s cities and municipalities. Often, these conditions most affect residents whose place in the social hierarchy makes them particularly susceptible to exclusion.

Seeking to redress these trends and guide research to facilitate meaningful local action, Toward Equity and Inclusion in Canadian Cities promotes more inclusive urban environments by highlighting and comparing theoretical and practice-based insights. Building on feminist, anti-racist, and anti-colonialist arguments to offer action-oriented solutions to inequalities and exclusions, the contributors to this volume tackle themes such as LGBTQ inclusion, health disparities, diversity initiatives, and urban planning dilemmas. Through a lens of critical praxis the book explores the challenges of collaborations, the negotiations required to reconceptualize research relations, and the ways in which values and practices inform one another.

In light of the growing complexity, interrelations, and interactions of our world, Toward Equity and Inclusion in Canadian Cities is a timely work that speaks to a diverse audience of activists, policy makers, community organizations, and researchers of various disciplines”.

Sponsored by City for All Women Initiative, Carleton University, and University of Ottawa

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