Women Who Care

Women Who Care

September 15, 2010 | 178 pages

In her third year of medical training - discouraged by how little focus there was on caring - a young woman was faced with a decision: she could throw her hands up and quit or she could risk speaking up and work toward change. She decided to send out a call for submissions, asking women to share their experiences of health care and caring. Her inbox immediately overflowed with stories from women across Canada. Together this amazing group of women wrote Women Who Care.

Women Who Care is a collection of thirty-two women's stories about caring. Through prose and poetry, our book captures the personal and professional values and expectations of women caregivers at each stage in their lives and careers. It examines women's experiences as the providers and recipients of health care.
Edited by Nili Kaplan-Myrth, MD PhD
with Lori Hanson and Patty Thille

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ISBN: 9781897426227


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