Women Drug Traffickers: Mules, Bosses, & Organized Crime  

Women Drug Traffickers: Mules, Bosses, & Organized Crime
Course Codes:  PSCI 3205
Professor:  Laura Macdonald
Semester:  Fall-2019
November 1, 2014 | 312 pages

In the flow of drugs to the United States from Latin America, women have always played key roles as bosses, business partners, money launderers, confidantes, and couriers--work rarely acknowledged. Elaine Carey's study of women in the drug trade offers a new understanding of this intriguing subject, from women drug smugglers in the early twentieth century to the cartel queens who make news today. Using international diplomatic documents, trial transcripts, medical and public welfare studies, correspondence between drug czars, and prison and hospital records, the author's research shows that history can be as gripping as a thriller.

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ISBN: 9780826351982

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