Winnie and Wilbur: Mini Winnie

Winnie and Wilbur: Mini Winnie

September 1, 2016 | 96 pages

Winnie and Wilbur are ready for anything life throws at them! In "Winnie's Awful Auntie" Winnie and Wilbur have an unexpected visit from an unbearably fussy relative; in "Winnie Goes Cleaning" Winnie offers her services to the local school with hilarious results; in "Winnie and the Ghost inthe Post" Winnie and Wilbur find themselves the surprise winners of a television poetry competition; and in "Mini Winnie" there's an unusual solution to a laundry problem. Four hilarious stories featuring Winnie and Wilbur and a zany supporting cast. Korky Paul's exuberant black line illustrations complement the humour, slapstick, and moments of real drama in each story. "Funny, mischievous, silly, and exciting. Great stuff." Giles Andrea, author of Sir Scallywag andthe Golden Underpants.The spellbinding new look of this bestselling series celebrates the wonderful relationship shared by Winnie and her cat, Wilbur. Since 1987 they have been delighting children and adults all over the world and more than 7 million books have been sold. Winnie and Wilbur will be hitting TV screensworldwide in 2017, airing in the UK on Milkshake, Channel 5's popular pre-school slot. A Winnie and Wilbur stage show is set to run in Birmingham in 2017 followed by a national UK tour. A new look for the website, too!

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ISBN: 9780192748348

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