War / Torn  

War / Torn
Book*hug Press | April 10, 2019 | 96 pages

Hasan Namir's debut collection of poetry, War / Torn, is a brazen and lyrical interrogation of religion and masculinity--the performance and sense of belonging they delineate and draw together. Namir summons prayer, violence, and the sensuality of love, revisiting tenets of Islam and dictates of war to break the barriers between the profane and the sacred. Praise for War / Torn: "War / Torn mourns, loves and burns all the derogatory impulses of our continuous present. This book is of and against our time. War / Torn is a breathless elegy in the most defiantly tender poetics you can imagine." --Jordan Scott, author of Night & Ox, and winner of the Latner Poetry Prize by the Writer's Trust of Canada

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ISBN: 9781771664936