Veggie Fast Food

Veggie Fast Food

May 31, 2016 | 192 pages

Are you under the impression that vegetarians can't have fast food? On the contrary! This new vegetarian cookbook, translated from German into a new English hardback edition, offers more than 80 quick and easy veggie recipes - from Manchego quesadillas and TexMex burgers to tomato--cinnamon fries and chanterelle gyros! This is the book of vegetarian food for those in a hurry, but the handy "vegan traffic light" indicators ? red for vegetarian; yellow for vegan adaptation and green for vegan makes it easy to find vegan options just as quickly. The authors Clarissa and Florian Sehn, animal psychologist and art director respectively, discovered their love of vegetarian and vegan cuisine together. Soon, however, they ran out of creative ideas - they needed a new recipe book. Out of a lack of viable options, the two decided to get creative and develop recipes themselves and this is the result. Their first cookbook is dedicated to vegetarian fast food, which they consider has always received short shrift - until now.

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ISBN: 9781910690185

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