Vegan Beans from Around the World

Vegan Beans from Around the World

March 18, 2014 | 200 pages

The biggest challenge in following a vegan, cruelty-free diet is finding adequate sources of protein outside of animal-based products. Vegan Beans from Around the World solves protein woes with a huge variety of recipes from every corner of the globe, each one drawing on a single amazing food source ? beans. While many vegan recipes focus on highly processed proteins like tofu and meat analogs, people have sustained themselves for centuries on legumes. Hearty, protein-rich, and delicious, beans come in all shapes, tastes, and sizes and form the basis of countless delectable dishes. Bringing them all together in a single volume, Vegan Beans from Around the World covers every taste sensation with recipes for such dishes as Texan Three-Bean Chili, Spicy Jamaican Rice and Peas, Savory Indian Lentils, and Thai Green Bean Curry. With simple techniques and detailed step-by-step instructions, the author shows how to prepare sensational dishes using vegan ingredients, proving that cutting out animal products doesn't mean forgoing exciting and nourishing cuisine. Also included are a bounty of helpful cooking tips and tricks and a nutritional breakdown for each recipe that makes conscientious meal planning a snap.

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ISBN: 9781612432854

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