Vanilla Black

Vanilla Black

Saltyard Books | May 7, 2015 | 288 pages

Modern vegetarian cooking that focuses on British seasonal produce with a creative twist Simple, fresh, full of flavor, this is vegetarian food that everyone loves to eat. Here you'll find recipes that make the most of seasonal ingredients, which put vegetables at the heart of each meal, and old favorites reinvented with new textures and flavors. From breakfast to suppertime, this is food to be inspired by--from toasted oat porridge to rhubarb jammy dodgers; Jerusalem artichoke, white wine, and thyme pie; to boozy prune and honey cake--there's something to please to all the family. This is modern vegetarian cooking--which is to say, it doesn't make a fuss about being vegetarian, it just is.

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ISBN: 9781444794007

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