Uniting Struggles  

Uniting Struggles
November 1, 2011 | 308 pages

With the reverberations of the Great Recession still wreaking havoc throughout much of the world, this issue of Alternate Routes brings together articles based on their dedication to critical social research in critical times. Articles range from an examination of post-9/11 Hollywood cinema to climate-induced migration, neoliberalism and the global economic crisis, labour struggles, left political regroupment, knowledge production in social movements and re-thinking socialism. Included, as well, are short analytical pieces, editorials and interviews with noted activists and academics, and a number of contemporary book reviews. Table of Contents: Articles - 1. Anjali Pandey: "War on Terror" via a "War of Words" Fear, Loathing and Name-calling in Hollywood's Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq [11] 2. Elaine Kelly: A Rough Climate For Migration [59] 3. Martijn Konings: Neoliberalism & the State [85] 4. Randall Germain: Power, the State and Global Politics After the Great Freeze: Towards a New Articulation? [99] 5. Carlo Fanelli & Priscillia Lefebvre: The Ottawa and Gatineau Museum Workers' Strike: Precarious Employment and the Public Sector Squeeze [121] 6. Richard Fidler: Quebec Solidaire: A Quebecois Approach to Building a Broad Left Party [147] 7. Aziz Choudry: On Knowledge Production, Learning and Research in Struggle [175] 8. Jeff Noonen: Socialism as a Life-Coherent Society [195] Interventions - 9. Michael Parenti: Profit Pathology and Disposable Planet [217] 10. Pat Armstrong: Canadian Health Care: Privatization and Gendered Labour [223] 11. Sut Jhally: Articulation, Cultural Studies, and Education [231] 12. Michael Perelman: The Invisible Handcuffs of Capitalism: How Market Tyranny Stifles The Economy By Stunting Workers [248] 13. Noam Chomsky: Democracy & the Public University [225] 14. Garry Potter: Imaginaries and Realities, Utopia and Dystopia [265] Book Reviews - 15. Aaron Henry: Zizek, Slavoj. "First As Tragedy, Then As Farce." [279] 16. Naomi Alisa Calnitsky: Foster, John Bellamy, Brett Clark and Richard York. "The Ecological Rift: Capitalism's War on the Earth." [285] 17. Brandon Tozzo: Kolin, Andrew. " State Power and Democracy: Before and After The Presidency Of George W. Bush." [288] 18. Ryan Boyd: Hugill, David. "Missing Women, Missing News: Covering Crisis in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside." [291] 19. Chris Hurl: Engler, Allan. "Economic Democracy: The Working Class Alternative to Capitalism." [296] 20. Matthew Nelson: Herman, S. Edward. "The Politics of Genocide." [300]

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ISBN: 9781926958156