Understanding Northwest Coast Indigenous Jewelry  

Understanding Northwest Coast Indigenous Jewelry
June 4, 2019 | 192 pages

As beautiful as it is useful, Understanding Northwest Coast Indigenous Jewelry is an invaluable tool for anyone interested in learning about or deepening their understanding of a fascinating craft. Indigenous hand-engraved jewelry from the Pacific Northwest Coast is among the most distinctive, innovative, and highly sought-after art being produced in North America today. But these artworks are more than just stunning--every bracelet, ring, and pendant is also the product of a fascinating backstory, a specialized set of techniques, and a talented artist. With a clearly written text, a foreword by award-winning First Nations artist orrine Hunt, and more than one hundred striking color photographs and sidebars, nderstanding Northwest Coast Indigenous Jewelry offers an illuminating look at an exquisite craft and the context in which it is practiced. Providing a step-by-step overview of various techniques, the book also introduces the specifics o formline design, highlights the traits of the most common animal symbols ued, offers tips for identification, and features biographies and works from over fifty of the Coast's best-known jewelers. Finally, it delves into the history of theart form, from the earliest horn and copper cuff bracelets to cutting-edge contemporaryworks and everything in between.

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ISBN: 9781771642972