Two Plays about Israel/Palestine  

Two Plays about Israel/Palestine
iUniverse | February 1, 2012 | 104 pages

TWO PLAYS ABOUT ISRAEL/PALESTINE Arthur Milner's plays are always smart, engaging and contemporary. Milner is a man of his times who never talks down to his audience, even as he courts and incites strong reactions. We forgive him, though because he entertains us with clever and funny characters. He seems incapable of writing a character without a sense of humour. Patrick McDonald MASADA theatre stripped to its essence a challenging piece of work factually fascinating and a skillful piece of writing driven by a powerful and frightening logic. Jill Lawless, Now Magazine one of the greatest examples of artistic moral courage I've ever witnessed leads its audience onto very slippery moral ground and leaves the viewer to grope for his or her own answers Writing and stagin Masada was an act of moral courage. Brian Gorman, Ottawa Sun FACTS> riveting Milner has dared tackle one of the most difficult and explosive political questions on earth a strong will, a confident pen, clear thinking, a well-informed human being, and a writer passionately engaged This is a powerful play. Alvina Ruprecht, Capital Critics Circle Facts is a stimulating and provocative piece of theatre which delivers a fascinating political and philosophical debate without reducing the characters to talking heads. Jamie Portman, Postmedia News

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ISBN: 9781469774787