Thinking Outside the Box  

Thinking Outside the Box
January 31, 2017 | 328 pages

For centuries, people attempted to know, why religion? What are the roots of religion? Can we function and lead a decent, moral, meaningful, and good life without blindly believing religious dogmas? So many questions are in the human mind. We are the superior species of all species on earth, and thus, we are free to think, gather new knowledge, innovate, and create new things by virtue of our brain's capability and power. This natural gift prompts us to ask unending questions and find answers to those questions. But religions block our freethinking and suggest not thinking beyond the holy books but believing them blindly. This is like totalitarianism modus operandi that silences the dissents. This is an important book and the first of its kind that gives a challenging proposition as to how we can live a good, moral, productive, and meaningful life without instilling blind religious faith but to think rationally and lead life with reason, progress, prosperity, and happiness--a humanistic life. We just need new principles based on scientific worldview, that is, science, technology, progress, civilization, and humanity growing together. Conventional religions cannot free people, but freethinking, knowledge, and karma can. The most realistic approach is one world, one life, one god, one universal religion--humanity.

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ISBN: 9781524573881