The Work  

The Work
Stonehouse Originals | November 1, 2019 | 330 pages

When aspiring stage-manager Rebecca Weir falls for the married director of SenseInSound theatre company, she initiates a love triangle and working collaboration which go on for two decades. Set in Toronto at the start of the 1980s, You'll Know Even Then explores the genesis of what its disciples call 'The Work'. The director, Marlin, has the status of a Guru in SenseInSound, but is he pushing people's limits or abusing his power? Is the 'The Work' a cutting-edge artistic practice, a road to personal healing, or a cult? And as his top deputy, is Rebecca complicit, or merely loyal? A historian trying to write the company's history many years later has little to go on but internet searches- that is, unless the two women behind the man find a way to speak out.

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ISBN: 9781988754161