The Traitors of Camp 133

The Traitors of Camp 133

Ravenstone Books | September 15, 2016 | 300 pages

"A little known chapter of wartime Canada, the government maintained several German prisoner-of-war camps in Southern Alberta during World War II. Camp 133 was one of these camps. Veteran Guards were responsible for securing the perimeter but internal law and order at Camp 133 was enforced by POW Sergeant August Neumann, a village police officer by trade and a hero of the Great War. In July of 1944, not long after the Normandy invasion, Captain Mueller, a former tank officer teaching in the camp's education system is found dead. Suspecting foul play, Sergeant Neumann investigates. Throughout the investigation, Sergeant Neumann must delicately navigate the treacherous social cliques of camp life: the Blackshirts, the Legionnaires, and the secret communist sympathisers in order to learn the truth behind Mueller's death, uncover the traitors, and bring justice to Camp 133."--

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ISBN: 9780888015877

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