The rebel sell

The rebel sell

July 7, 2005 | 390 pages
  • Joseph Heath & Andrew Potter
  • Harper Perennial; 2005
  • Paperback; 368 pages
  • 9780006394914

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With the popularity of Michael Moore, Adbusters magazine and Naomi Klein’s No Logo, it’s hard to ignore the growing tide of resistance to our corporatecontrolled world. But do these vocal opponents of the status quo offer us a real political alternative?

In this lively blend of pop culture, history and philosophical analysis, Joseph Heath and Andrew Potter argue that this countercultural opposition to "the system" has not only been unproductive but has helped to create the very consumer society that radicals oppose. This thought-provoking book will enrage and entertain today’s countercultural rebels and their opponents on the political right.

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ISBN: 9780006394914


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