The Pure Kitchen

The Pure Kitchen

Clarkson Potter | February 17, 2015 | 224 pages

Veronica Bosgraaf created her first Pure Bar at home when she became frustrated trying to find healthy, organic snacks for her kids. It seemed everything on the market then was highly processed and/or loaded with sugar. When her six-year-old daughter announced she had become a vegetarian, Veronica decided the whole family could use a nutrition overhaul, and she reworked their diets-and their lifestyle. The Pure Kitchen shares Veronica's easy vegetarian recipes (many of which are vegan and gluten-free, too) and tips for "cleaning" one's kitchen and lifestyle, from removing processed foods from the shopping cart at the supermarket to getting rid of chemical cleaners. Organized by month of the year, the recipes make use of whole grains, fresh produce, and other unprocessed ingredients, steering clear of refined sugar and grains and hydrogenated fats. The Pure Kitchen shows the simple steps busy home cooks can take to make their cooking more healthful-and delicious.

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ISBN: 9780804137959

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