The Photographer in Search of Death  

The Photographer in Search of Death
February 24, 2020 | 128 pages

"In the binary world of Michael Mirolla's stories, magical realms blend with the natural, our "familiar" world exposed through a hyper-realistic and mysterious lens. Daily life and ordinary occurrences acquire new focus through transcendental optics, revealing the marvellous, fantastic and sublime that resides beneath the surface of normal. In The Photographer In Search of Death, the author does not invent new worlds, rather he brings to our attention the magical in this world. The "real" shifts through realms where interior and exterior fold into one another. Houses have rooms that appear and disappear. Objects in a highly detailed, realistic setting are invaded by something too strange to believe. Streets are filled with individuals who are familiar, but the uncanniness of people and our modern technological environment reveals they are extraordinary. All are places we might want to avoid, but like daily life, they prove unavoidable."--

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ISBN: 9781550966862