The Master Plants Cookbook

The Master Plants Cookbook

Running Press | August 25, 2016 | 296 pages

Food isn't just food, it can be medicine! A plant-based, whole food diet can help prevent and even reverse chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease, while also promoting a healthy weight. Far from being a fad, knowing the health benefits of certain foods have become "must-have" information for many households--but the big question is: "How do I make it delicious?"The Master Plants Cookbook, complied by the founder and editor ofNaked Food magazine, features the 33 essential superfoods that can help readers achieve that optimum health. Even better, it also offers more than 100 mouthwatering and easy recipes that are detoxifying, anti-allergen, immune-boosting, and promote weight loss. From avocados and beets to sweet potatoes and spinach,The Master Plants Cookbook will inspire readers to try these health-promoting, radiant super foods--and spark a new love for real, organic cuisine that pack a powerful healing punch.

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ISBN: 9780762460243

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