The Intuitive Parent

The Intuitive Parent

Current | July 7, 2015 | 320 pages

A leading child psychiatrist shows why it’s best for parents to put down the flashcards and follow their instincts. Parents are constantly exposed to dubious claims and fads that create needless anxiety and stress, from the vaccine-autism scare to worthless products such as “Baby Einstein” videos. Worse, they’re often discouraged from doing things that have been proven to protect children, promote learning, and wire young brains for healthy development. Child development expert Stephen Camarata draws on research, case studies, and his own experiences to argue for a return to instinct-driven parenting. He shows why developmental milestones are misleading and the best things you can do to make sure your kid grows up functional are almost always simple activities such as playing “peek-a-boo,” reading aloud, and talking to them. This is the true “magic” that turns babies into intelligent, confident, curious adults. Camarata debunks a range of parenting myths and empowers parents to recognize irrational fears and incredible claims that increase worry, steal their cash, and generally diminish their enjoyment of the parenting process.

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ISBN: 9781591846130

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