The Art of Flight

The Art of Flight

Penguin UK | July 25, 2017 | 192 pages

Stories just begin. We rarely know where and almost never why. It doesn't matter. Nothing is certain any longer. I just want to shut my eyes, point at random and say, as a sort of experiment, that once, when I was sixteen years old, I spent a whole night singing romantic songs in the top of a pine tree. That's where it may have started. In this follow-up to The Fly Trap, Sjoberg continues to explore the pleasures and trials of those who spend their time tracing the smallest details of the natural world. Calling on his childhood memories and experience as a hoverfly collector, and following the trail of long forgotten entomologists before him who left their native Sweden for the United States, Sjoberg contemplates the richness of life and the strange paths it leads us on."

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ISBN: 9780141980317

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