The Ancient Minstrel

The Ancient Minstrel

Grove Press | March 14, 2017 | 272 pages

A "New York Times" bestseller, "The Ancient Minstrel" is a stunning collection of novellas that highlight Jim Harrison s phenomenal range as a writer, shot through with his trademark wit and keen insight into the human condition. Harrison has tremendous fun with his own reputation in the title novella, about an aging writer in Montana who indulges his lifelong dream of raising pigs, struggles to write the big novel he s rashly promised his editor, and attempts to rekindle the long marriage that has sustained him. In "Eggs," a Montana woman recalls a life spent collecting eggsat her grandparents farm in Montana and near Dorset, England, where she ends up during World War II. Eggs of a different sort preoccupy her when, unmarried but undeterred, she decides to try to have a baby. And in "The Case of the Howling Buddhas," retired Detective Sunderson is hired as a private investigator to look into a bizarre cult that achieves satori by howling along with howler monkeys at the zoo. Fresh and entertaining, with moments of both profound wisdom and sublime humor, "The Ancient Minstrel" is an exceptional reminder of why Harrison was one of our most beloved and critically acclaimed writers."

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ISBN: 9780802126344

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