Strength of Soul  

Strength of Soul
2leaf Press | April 15, 2019 | 166 pages

STRENGTH OF SOUL by Naomi Raquel Enright proposes tangible strategies and ideas on how to challenge systemic racism through naming and resisting the ideology of racial difference and of white supremacy at its root. Enright explores racism and the language that upholds this ideology through personal narratives that includes an examination of her family's experience. Throughout this volume, Enright shares reflections of her identity growing up as a bilingual, multiethnic individual, and as the mother of a son presumed to be white. She also advances ideas of how to confront societal notions of an inherent difference between the lived experiences of white people and everyone else, which results in the widely-held belief that there is an inevitable "us" and "them." In this regard, Enright suggests that embracing one's total identity can allow people to challenge systemic racism as well as the language and ideology that created it, and upholds it. In these poignant and deeply personal stories, Enright allows readers to reconsider a society on a genuine path towards justice, healing and true transformation. STRENGTH OF SOUL is for anyone who is willing to rethink the status quo and is interested in creating systemic change vis-à-vis institutionalized and internalized racism.

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ISBN: 9781940939728

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