Straight Power Concepts in the Middle East

Straight Power Concepts in the Middle East

Pluto Pr | May 15, 2010 | 240 pages

Gregory Harms makes complex subjects accessible to everyone, without sacrificing analytical rigor. Straight Power Concepts is a concise explanation of US foreign policy, American involvement in the Middle East, and its alliance with Israel. As in his incredibly successful book The Palestine-Israel Conflict, Harms is not afraid to take readers right back to the source of the issues. He traces the emergence of nation-states, analyzes US foreign relations since 1776 and then applies this to America's actions in the Middle East and its "special relationship" with Israel. The historical context provided, especially related to the peace process, clarifies recent developments involving the Obama administration. This book should be the first port of call for undergraduates in Middle East IR and anyone seeking a deeper analysis than can be found in the mainstream media.

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ISBN: 9780745327099

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