Stop Feedin' da Boids!

Stop Feedin' da Boids!

Kids Can Press Ltd | April 4, 2017 | 32 pages

When Swanda and her dog, Waldo, move to Brooklyn from the country, they miss the wildlife they left behind. Until they discover the pigeons. ñOh, look! What dear little birds! Come, Waldo, weÍll get them a bird feeder all their own.î But a bird feeder in the city attracts lots and lots and lots of birds „ and the neighbors donÍt like them, or their mess, one bit. So when Swanda is unable to fix things, her neighbors step in with their own Brooklynese solution: ñSWANDA, YOU GOTTA STOP FEEDINÍ DA BOIDS!î

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ISBN: 9781771386135

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