Sow Simple  

Sow Simple
Harbour Publishing Company | April 1, 2012 | 208 pages

Plants thrive thanks to back-sparing and thrifty techniques for propagation, fertilization and transplanting, plus tips on beneficial fungi and bugs, magical mulches, edible weeds, water-wise wildflowers and native plants. Design-wise, make a spectacular entrance with a living gate, or see how easy it is to create a vertical or rooftop garden, a whimsical water garden or a stone courtyard. Home-crafted concrete troughs stuffed with succulents stand strong alongside dry-stack stone walls, and simple ideas for playhouses, gazebos and backyard benches will keep readers busy through all seasons. Sow Simple invites all gardeners, whether they have a large acreage or a tiny urban oasis, to have fun, experiment and see how wonderful it can be to spend time in the garden. To contact the authors and find out more about their latest gardening adventures, please visit their blog:!

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ISBN: 9781550175745