Some night my prince will come

Some night my prince will come

Talonbooks Ltd | October 1, 2004 | 190 pages

An evening at the opera spills out onto the street and into an odyssey through Montreal by night. The narrator, both innocent and cynical, rushes headlong down what appears to be the road to ruin--or perhaps merely to the loss of his virginity. In this urban epic of love and desire, we discover a burlesque world of transgression and madness, where pleasures are far from simple and love is somewhat less than pure. On the street, as at the opera, passions are on the loose and truth and falsehood leave their marks in the service of the urgencies of desire. This evocative account of romantic adventure is stamped with the ironic and the affectionate wit and humour that characterize all of Michel Tremblay's novels and memoirs.

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ISBN: 9780889225107

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