Sh: Lam (the Doctor)  

Sh: Lam (the Doctor)
Mawenzi House/Tsar Publishers | April 15, 2019 | 96 pages

Poetry. This powerful collection, all too relevant today, tells a story that needs to be told. The author writes, "This is the truth of what has happened to my people. The Kwantlen people used to number in the thousands but like all river tribes, eighty percent of our people were wiped out by smallpox and now there are only 200 of us. As a Kwantlen man, father, fisherman, poet and playwright I believe the gift of words was given to me so I can retell our stories...". These poems tell the story of a Kwantlen man who has been given the gift of healing but is also a heroin addict.

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ISBN: 9781988449715