Secret Lives of the four Wives  

Secret Lives of the four Wives
Course Codes:  ENGL 2927A
Professor:  Aliesha Hosein
Semester:  Winter-20
Harper Collins | July 5, 2011 | 304 pages

"I didn't just happen upon this room; I dreamed of the pale green walls before I arrived." Attempting to rise above the secrets of her past, Bolanle, a university graduate, marries Baba Segi, who promises her everything in exchange for agreeing to become his fourth wife. Thus she enters into a polygamous world filled with expensive clothes, a generous monthly allowance . . . and three Segi wives who disapprove of the newest, youngest, most educated addition to the family. There's Iya Femi, a fiery vixen with a taste for money; Iya Tope, a shy woman whose kindness is eclipsed by terror; and Iya Segi, the first, most lethal, and merciless of them all. Bolanle quickly becomes Baba Segi's prized possession . . . until her very presence unlocks a secret that the other wives have long since guarded, and unleashing it could change life as they know it.

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ISBN: 9780061946387