In the Beginning | February 27, 2019 | 454 pages

Dr. William White meets his colleague Dr. Marc St. Clair in the Vale of Kashmir to help make sense of Marc's dig site. It was the dig of the century that William couldn't wait to share with the world. What he didn't know is that he brought home a deadly virus along with his findings. As the virus grows, Rowan feels that the city is too chaotic and unsafe to stay. Armed with just her wits and a few survival techniques, she and a few others believe the best way to persevere is to head towards Rowan's home village. Along the way she finds Kelly, who is in desperate need of help. Rowan finds herself having to change from a soothing massage therapist to a person who will have to do anything in her power to stay alive. Will she make it to safety or was it all for not?

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ISBN: 9781798216132