Revolutionary Learning

Revolutionary Learning

Pluto Press (UK) | February 15, 2017 | 160 pages

Going beyond previous books on Marxism and education, Revolutionary Learning is a groundbreaking collection of essays exploring the Marxist and feminist theories of education and learning. Scholar-activists Sara Carpenter and Sharazad Mojab closely examine the core philosophical concepts behind Marxist analysis of learning and extend its critique with significant implications for critical education scholarship, research, and practice by drawing upon work by feminist, anti-racist, and anti-colonial scholars. They reconsider the contributions of Marx, Gramsci, and Freire to educational theory from an explicitly feminist perspective, moving Marxist analysis of education into a more complex relation to patriarchal and imperialist capitalism. Their distinctive approach focuses on the nature of schooling and educational institutions, and pushes past previous literature on Marxist-feminism. Revolutionary Learning's significance lies not only in its contribution to theory, but also in its engagement with pedagogical practice through careful attention to the daily work of educators and how this can be connected to the broader environment of public policy, civil society, and the market.

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ISBN: 9780745336381

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