Revolt in Syria  

Revolt in Syria
Columbia University Press | February 20, 2020 | 226 pages

The author delves deep into the lives of Syrians whose destiny has been shaped by the Syrian state for almost fifty years. In conversations with people from all strata of Syrian society, he draws together and makes sense of perspectives illustrating why Syria, with its numerous sects and religions, was so prone to violence and civil strife. Through his unique access to a country largely cut off from the international media during the unrest, the author delivers compelling first hand testimony from both those who suffered and benefited most at the hands of the regime. Revolt details why many Syrians wanted Assad's government to stay as the threat of civil war loomed large, the long-standing gap between the state apparatus and its people and why the country's youth stood up decisively for freedom. He also sets out the positions adhered to by the country's minorities and explains why many Syrians believe that enforced regime change might precipitate a region-wide conflict.

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ISBN: 9780231704205

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