Research for Social Justice  

Research for Social Justice
February 25, 2020 | 302 pages

"Most social research texts are written from an empiricist and positivist perspective, emphasizing the scientific method and the value of objectivity in research. While acknowledging that certain aspects of the scientific method should be preserved, Adje van de Sande and Karen Schwartz argue that social research should not and cannot be value-free. Researchers committed to social justice and social change need to support that commitment. Research for Social Justice examines how the structural inequality perspective and anti-oppressive principles--perspectives that view the problems experienced by people as rooted in the social, political and economic structures of society--provide this support. Intended for students who are interested in exploring the social justice approach to their community-based research. Research for Social Justice is also of benefit to research such as program evaluations and needs assessments. The second edition of the book updates and revises examples of research, includes a substantially revised chapter on Indigenous approaches to research and contains a chapter-by-chapter description of developing student projects in a research course and an example of a student-led, community-based research project."--

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ISBN: 9781552668788

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