Red State Revolt  

Red State Revolt
Verso | November 11, 2019 | 224 pages

"An indispensable window into the changing shape of the American working class and American politics After nearly four decades of labour quiescence, the US was hit by a wave of strikes in early 2018. Educators in Oklahoma, Arizona and beyond walked off their jobs to demand increased school funding and better pay. Confounding all expectations, these actions erupted in Republican-dominated states with weak unions, bans on public sector strikes, and electorates that voted for Trump in 2016. With similar movements now emerging in California, Colorado, North Carolina, and Massachusetts, there is no sign that this upsurge will be short-lived. Red State Revolt is a compelling analysis of the emergence and development of this historic strike wave written with an eye to extracting its main strategic lessons for educators, labour activists, and radicals across the country"--

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ISBN: 9781788735742