Red Haws to Light the Field  

Red Haws to Light the Field
Guernica Editions | August 1, 2017 | 150 pages

Red Haws to Light the Field is wide-ranging in subject matter: love, eroticism, war, death, and the nature of poetic endeavour. Red Haws also contains poems inspired by or dedicated to the great masters and fellow poets: Li Po, Tu Fu, Federico Garc´┐Ża Lorca, Czes'aw Mi'osz, Raymond Souster, Pablo Neruda, Robert Bly, James Wright, William Carlos Williams, Kenneth Rexroth, Jack Gilbert, Jean Joubert, W.S. Merwin, Gerry Shikatani, Ted Plantos, Sam Hamill, Gerald Stern, Emily Dickinson, and Katherine L. Gordon

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ISBN: 9781771831987