Real Happiness, 10th Anniversary Edition  

Real Happiness, 10th Anniversary Edition
Workman Publishing Company | December 24, 2019 | 240 pages

Announcing an updated and revised tenth anniversary edition of the New York Times bestselling meditation guide—the book praised as “a real treasure” (Robert Thurman), “beautifully simple, simply beautiful” (Martha Beck), “contain[ing] all the jewels of Sharon’s teaching” (Ram Dass), and “wonderfully clear, remarkably accessible, warmhearted and wise” (Jack Kornfield). Now, ten years after the first edition, meditation feels even more necessary and important to our well-being—and Sharon Salzberg has become an even more central force in bringing this essential into our lives in a way that’s accessible, deeply beneficial, and unintimidating. Exactly the reason for a revision of Real Happiness. Beginning with the simplest breathing and sitting techniques, Salzberg shows how to start and maintain an effective meditation practice. She explains three key skills—concentration, mindfulness, and lovingkindness—and shows how this is a practice that, performed for just twenty minutes a day, can transform your life and bring greater resiliency, creativity, peace, clarity, and balance. There’s hearing meditation. Walking meditation. Meditation for seeing the good within. The second edition includes a new introduction by the author, plus exercises—for engaging the senses, for reclaiming our space, for “changing the narrative” to find a more compassionate view—and journal prompts to inspire reflection. And throughout, there are ten guided meditations—recorded by Sharon and available as downloads through links embedded in scannable QR codes, so readers can start meditating right then and there.

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ISBN: 9781523510122