Rainbow Warriors

Rainbow Warriors

September 1, 2014 |

Following the lives of the three Greenpeace ships with the name "Rainbow Warrior", long-serving Greenpeace activist, Maite Mompo tells the inside stories of life on board and recounts some of the ships' most exciting adventures and actions. Rainbow Warriors provides a narrative of real life on board, a history of these famous vessels, and a history of Greenpeace that goes beyond the organization's work on the oceans. Starting with the early life of Greenpeace and the bombing of the Rainbow Warrior I by the French secret service through to the imprisonment of the Arctic 30 by the Russians, the stories are brought to life with colour photos from the Greenpeace archives, maps, and nautical charts. Mompo's tales from the high seas are full of action and daring but also of humanity and great compassion.

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ISBN: 9781771131674

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