Rag Cosmology  

Rag Cosmology
Book Thug | January 17, 2020 | 95 pages

"In this time of ecological precarity, Rag Cosmology is an urgent invitation to reinvent our modes of engagement with the environment we not only inhabit, but are. Refusing the lamentation that leaves us as resigned witnesses to devastation, Rag Cosmology counters fatalist narratives with the pleasures of ecological entanglement and engagement. Tracing relationships between seemingly irreconcilable things-economy and ecology, weather and lust, bills and inner voices, wages of avoidance and wages of listening-Rag Cosmology offers the intimate and lush language of thought that yearns for an imaginative reinvention of how we understand what we are part of and what we are losing."--

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ISBN: 9781771663144

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