Persistent Poverty

Persistent Poverty

Between the Lines(CA) | August 20, 2019 | 176 pages

"How Long, O Lord? How long before our politicians listen? Four poverty audits have taken place since 1986. But we still desperately lack affordable housing. More families still use food banks. Sole-support mothers still must plead for relief from mandatory school fees. People with mental illness still wander our streets. Read Persistent Poverty and take action. Show that we still care for one another." Terence Finlay, retired Anglican Archbishop of Toronto "Persistent Poverty will leave you demanding dignity for those left behind by our inadequate social policies. Elected politicians should be forced to read a chapter each night before bed." Margaret Little, Political Studies, Queen's University "Isarc's Faith community is in solidarity with people one stumble from the street. The voices know the scene. The authors have done their homework. This is a must read in classrooms and in public conversations, but most importantly for those in government." Father Paul Hansen C.Ss.R., Director, Redemptorist Biblical Justice Consultancy "According To Jewish liturgy we are all capable of rising above our petty self-interest and acting in a truly humane way by taking concrete steps to end the suffering of the poor and the trauma of the oppressed.... This book identifies injustices and provides direction for the policy change we so urgently need." Rabbi Shalom Schachter, Beth Israel Synagogue, Peterborough, and National Representative, CUPE

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ISBN: 9781897071731

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